[KIDM-068]美月りん がーるふれんど

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[KIDM-068] Rin Mizuki – Girl Friend

[KIDM-068] Rin Mizuki – Girl Friend
913MB, AVI, 630×464, 29.97FPS
Not my rip; got from somewhere else. On a technical note, there are a few interlace/combing artifacts which are noticeable mostly in the opening scene which is somewhat more visually complex than most of the rest of the video; that is: lots of movement and detail such as splashing water, leaves moving on trees, camera-panning, etc. I don’t know if these artifacts are on the original DVD or if they’re “leftovers” from a ripping process. But over-all, it’s still very watchable and the “defects” are for the most part few and far between, and they don’t really interfere with enjoying the video. For playback, I sometimes use simple sharpening and deinterlacer filters/shaders in MediaPlayerClassic to make it a little more comfortable for viewing.
This is the only version I could find(so far) to torrent up. I consider it lucky to have found a ‘single-shot’ ddl of this size. Sometimes the multi-part ddls can be a bit of a gauntlet to run, what with their (until verified)uncertain live/dead statuses. There is a 1.46GB version and an ISO out there but torrent-wise, there is still not have 100% availability yet. Anyone got ISO? I’m curious to see if I can try make some kind of rip.


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