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  • [KIDM-027] Rin Mizuki

    [KIDM-027] Rin Mizuki


    Content Description
    美月りん | ぶらんこ | キュートでちょっぴり大胆な11歳の美少女・美月りんちゃんのイメージ。南の楽園・バリ島で縄跳び、プール、ブランコ、バスケットボールなど、さまざまなことにチャレンジする。戸惑いながらも一生懸命頑張るりんちゃんの姿をじっくりとご覧あれ!

    Code: KIDM-027
    Size: 1.23Gb
    Time: 46min
    File: MKV
    Released: 2007-09-07
    Width: 720×480 amorf
    Studio: KIDM
    Actors: Rin Mizuki


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  • [KIDM-034] 美月りん Rin Mizuki – おにいちゃんへ

    [KIDM-034] 美月りん Rin Mizuki – おにいちゃんへ



    [KIDM-034] 美月りん Rin Mizuki – おにいちゃんへ

    Size: 991MB (1,015,304KB/1,039,671,412bytes)
    Format: AVI
    Picture: 720×480
    Codec: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC
    FPS: 29.97
    Audio: 48000Hz 128kb/s tot, Joint Stereo

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  • [KIDM-076]美月りん クレヨンりんちゃん

    [KIDM-076]美月りん クレヨンりんちゃん



    [KIDM-076] Rin Mizuki – Crayon
    (“Crayon” title is loose machine-translation)
    Edit 2015-Mar-22: Thanks to Zorfnab, in message 4, for providing correct title of “Crayon Rin-chan”.

    1016MB, AVI, 720×478, 24fps, 50:23

    Scenes: Intro(scene cuts compilation), Uniform, Twister, Tickling, Shower, Yoga Ball and Robot Hand, Lotion.

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  • [KIDM-068]美月りん がーるふれんど

    [KIDM-068]美月りん がーるふれんど


    [KIDM-068] Rin Mizuki – Girl Friend

    [KIDM-068] Rin Mizuki – Girl Friend
    913MB, AVI, 630×464, 29.97FPS
    Not my rip; got from somewhere else. On a technical note, there are a few interlace/combing artifacts which are noticeable mostly in the opening scene which is somewhat more visually complex than most of the rest of the video; that is: lots of movement and detail such as splashing water, leaves moving on trees, camera-panning, etc. I don’t know if these artifacts are on the original DVD or if they’re “leftovers” from a ripping process. But over-all, it’s still very watchable and the “defects” are for the most part few and far between, and they don’t really interfere with enjoying the video. For playback, I sometimes use simple sharpening and deinterlacer filters/shaders in MediaPlayerClassic to make it a little more comfortable for viewing.
    This is the only version I could find(so far) to torrent up. I consider it lucky to have found a ‘single-shot’ ddl of this size. Sometimes the multi-part ddls can be a bit of a gauntlet to run, what with their (until verified)uncertain live/dead statuses. There is a 1.46GB version and an ISO out there but torrent-wise, there is still not have 100% availability yet. Anyone got ISO? I’m curious to see if I can try make some kind of rip.


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  • [KIDM-040] 美月りん – アロハ~ (Rin Mizuki – Aloha)

    [KIDM-040] 美月りん – アロハ~ (Rin Mizuki – Aloha)


    [KIDM-040] 美月りん - アロハ~ (Rin Mizuki - Aloha).avi.jacket

    612MB, AVI, 640×480, 30FPS, 00:45:16
    00:00 Beach, bikini
    05:24 Park, uniform
    08:14 Limousine, un-uniforming
    13:30 Yoga Ball
    18:28 I’m on a fucking boat!
    24:38 Hotel room, tickling
    31:05 Sitting on toilet, oil/lotion conditioning of large glass stir stick
    36:55 Shower

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